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Xtend Solarmi SK01

₦12,000.00 ₦11,400.00


₦10,000.00 ₦9,500.00

IMMAX NEO LITE Smart Atmosphere lamp 3W

₦13,000.00 ₦12,350.00

₦17,100.00 ₦18,000.00

Detector, for doors and windows, for smart home, Android, iOS, Nedis SmartLife, white.

Nedis ZBSD10WT Intelligent sensor recognizes whether windows or doors are open or closed in the house and sends this information to the mobile application. By linking this sensor with other products in the Nedis SmartLife app.

₦17,100.00 ₦18,000.00

Motion sensor, wall-mounted, wired, indoor, for smart home, Android, iOS, Nedis SmartLife, white.

Nedis WIFISM10CWT Intelligent motion sensor with a range of 10 m and a detection angle of 120° has a wireless Wi-Fi connection. The sensor can be used as part of a wireless security system 

₦14,250.00 ₦15,000.00

Detector, window/door, Wi-Fi, Android/iOS app, white.

UMAX U-Smart Wifi Door Sensor Smart Wi-Fi window and door sensor is designed for checking windows and doors. The sensor alerts you to the opening of windows or doors via mobile phone notifications.

₦23,750.00 ₦25,000.00

Motion sensor, wall-mounted, wireless, indoor, for smart home, Android, iOS, UMAX U-Smart, white.

UMAX U-Smart Motion Sensor Intelligent motion sensor with a range of 6 m and a detection angle of 100° has a wireless Wi-Fi connection. If motion is detected, it will send a notification to your smartphone or trigger a scenario.

₦33,250.00 ₦35,000.00

Motion Sensor, PIR, Temperature, Humidity, Lighting, Wall-Mounted, Indoor, Smart Home, Zigbee 3.0, TUYA, Android, iOS, IMMAX NEO PRO, White.

IMMAX NEO Smart Multi sensor 4 in 1 Intelligent passive infrared motion sensor with a range of up to 10 m and a detection angle of 100°. In addition to motion detection, the sensor also detects ambient lighting, temperature and air humidity. 

₦19,000.00 ₦20,000.00

Climate sensor, for smart home, temperature and humidity sensor, ZigBee 3.0, Android, iOS, white

IMMAX NEO SMART temperature and humidity sensor The smart temperature and humidity sensor is used to create smart home automation. Using the IMMAX NEO BRIDGE PRO Smart Zigbee 3.0 v2 (can be purchased separately) you can the current temperature.

₦33,250.00 ₦35,000.00

Water leak detector, for smart home, Wi-Fi, 1x CR2, battery life 2 years, white.

Nedis WIFIDW10WT Smart detector enables monitoring of water leaks even in hard-to-reach places thanks to the sensor located on a 115 cm long cable. As soon as the detector detects a water leak, it starts an audible alarm and at the same time.