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XtendLan smart Wi-Fi switch - two-button


Switch, for smart home, 2-button, touch, Wi-Fi, Tuya, 230V, white.

XtendLan smart Wi-Fi switch - two-button The two-button smart Wi-Fi switch is used to turn on or off light bulbs. It works with the Tuya Smart app and just place it anywhere within radio range of your Wi-Fi.



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XtendLan smart Wi-Fi switch - two-button

The two-button smart Wi-Fi switch is used to turn light bulbs on or off. It works with the Tuya Smart app and just place it anywhere within radio range of your Wi-Fi access point. It has a backlight , the switch symbol is illuminated in blue, and if it is closed, the symbol lights up in white. It also supports third-party applications such as Alexa voice assistant, Google home assistant, Yandex, IFTTT or Tmall Genie.

Standard size 86 x 86 mm . For common wiring boxes installed in a hole with a diameter of 80 mm. Minimum box depth 40 mm. Spacing of attachment holes for screws 60 mm.
Equivalent to shift switch No. 5, double pole. The device is powered from a phase and neutral wire . It must therefore be possible to branch off the neutral wire at the installation location.

You can create time schedules for when the switch should turn on or off, for each one separately. All settings are synchronized with the Tuya Smart app. Internet connection outages have no effect on functionality. All settings are stored in the switch and sync with Tuya Smart when needed. In the event of a power outage, it automatically reconnects to Wi-Fi and synchronizes settings. After the electrical connection, the initial operation of the switch is very simple and it is enough to pair it with the Tuya Smart application. Everything takes place via your mobile phone or tablet on the local network, and you can subsequently control the device from anywhere in the world. A mobile phone or tablet with the Android or iOS operating system is required for configuration and control.


Supported systems: Android or iOS
Compatibility: works with Tuya Smart supported devices
Communication: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n) for Internet connection and pairing
Wireless range: approx. 30 m
Power supply: AC 230 V (50 Hz), live and neutral supply
Load: 2300 W (10 A) each terminal, for 230 V (50 Hz)
Color: white, backlight color blue/white
Weight: 133 g
Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 35 mm, depth taken up in the installation box is 25 mm
Electrical installation box: for holes with a diameter of 80 mm with a spacing of holes for screws of 60 mm, we recommend a depth of 40 mm
Quiescent power (own consumption): 0.2 W

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