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Xtend Solarmi SK01

₦12,000.00 ₦11,400.00


₦10,000.00 ₦9,500.00

IMMAX NEO LITE Smart Atmosphere lamp 3W

₦13,000.00 ₦12,350.00

₦48,000.00 ₦50,000.00

Unlike the HomePod, with its fancy subwoofer-on-top arrangement and circular array of tweeters, the LG keps things simple. Through the metal grille you can make out a forward-firing dome tweeter sitting above a mid/bass driver. Both are made from aluminium.

₦171,000.00 ₦180,000.00

Webcam, Ful HD 1080p, USB, Remote Control, Black

Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950 Webcam with FullHD recording options complemented by high-quality stereo sound. The scene is captured by a high-quality wide-angle lens with a field of view of up to 78 degrees. The camera has a retractable leg with.

₦1,212,500.00 ₦1,250,000.00

Video conferencing set, webcam, speaker, microphone, black

Logitech Rally Set Logitech Rally is the ideal solution for video conferencing. It delivers studio-quality video, unmatched voice clarity, and RightSense automation for a seamless meeting. Encourages

₦665,000.00 ₦700,000.00

Webcam, HD, 1920 x 1080, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Kensington port, Remote control, black-silver

Logitech Group Video conferencing system for medium to large meeting rooms. Imagine a meeting where everyone can see and hear, this system meets the requirements in the form of an image in perfectly sharp quality and full-duplex

₦427,500.00 ₦450,000.00

Webcam, Full HD 1080p, Wireless, BT, Wi-Fi, HDMI, NFC, USB, Remote Control, Black-Silver

Logitech Conference Cam Connect Wireless webcam suitable for video conferencing for groups of up to six people. It offers Full HD image quality. It is equipped with Wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. Included in the package.