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XtendLan Smart Wi-Fi Switch - Waterproof


Smart Switch, Wi-Fi, Auto On/Off, Timer, 16A, IP65, TUYA, Waterproof.

XtendLan smart Wi-Fi switch - waterproof Smart waterproof Wi-Fi switch used to turn on or off electrical devices.



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XtendLan Smart Wi-Fi Switch - Waterproof

A smart waterproof Wi-Fi switch used to turn electrical devices on or off. It works with the Tuya Smart app and also supports third-party apps such as Alexa voice assistant, Google home assistant, Yandex, IFTTT and Tmall Genie.

Simply place the switch anywhere within radio range of your Wi-Fi access point. You can create time schedules for when it should turn on or off. All settings are synchronized with the Tuya Smart app . Internet connection outages have no effect on functionality. All settings are stored in the switch and sync with Tuya Smart when needed. After disconnecting from the electricity network will reconnect to Wi-Fi and sync the settings.

Initial commissioning is very simple. Just plug it into the electrical outlet. outlets, place within Wi-Fi range and then pair with the Tuya Smart application. Commissioning takes place via your mobile phone or tablet on the local network, and subsequently you can control the switch from anywhere in the world. A mobile phone or tablet with the Android or iOS operating system is required for configuration and control.
The switch is a relay, single-pole. only terminal L opens. Terminals N (input and output) are permanently connected.

Cables are not part of the package . We recommend the switch only for cable type cables such as types CYLY (H03VV-F), CYSY (H05VV-F) . The outer diameter of the cable must be between 4 and 8 mm .


Supported systems: Android or iOS
Compatibility: works with Tuya Smart supported devices
Communication: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n) for internet connection and pairing
Wireless range: approx. 30 m
Power supply: AC 230 V (50 Hz)
Load: 16 A, 3680 W
Cable glands: PG9 (designed for cables with a diameter of 4-8 mm)
Color: black
Weight: 122 g
Dimensions: 138 x 63 x 42 mm
Degree of protection: IP65
Working temperature: -20 to + 50°C

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