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Noerden MINIMI black


Digital personal scale, diagnostic, smart, load capacity 150kg, Bluetooth, 3x AAA, black.

In addition to body weight, Noerden MINIMI Smart personal scale can also record 8 other biometric data, such as BMI, body fat, body water percentage, etc., using 4 precise sensors. After connecting with a mobile app.



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Noerden MINIMI

In addition to body weight, the smart personal scale can also use 4 precise sensors to record 8 other biometric data , such as BMI, body fat, body water percentage, etc. After connecting to a mobile application using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can monitor measured data and graphs, set goals or read specialized tips and recommendations. In addition, the scale supports an unlimited number of users. It is made of tempered glass for long life and everyday use.


Features: measure total weight, body fat, fat-free weight, water content, bone mass, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, metabolic age

Load capacity: 150 kg

Accuracy: to 100 g

Power supply: 3x AAA (included in the package)

Display: yes

Color: black

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