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Smart switch, wall-mounted, control unit for curtains, blinds and blinds, Android, iOS, Nedis SmartLife, white.

Nedis WIFIWC10WT Smart wall switch allows you to extend and retract electric curtains, blinds and blinds using touch buttons. You can also take advantage of the wireless Wi-Fi connection and control the device remotely 



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Category :Automation/Smart Home

Sub Category :Switches

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The smart wall switch allows electric curtains, blinds and blinds to be extended and retracted using touch buttons. You can also take advantage of the wireless Wi-Fi connection and control the device remotely via smartphone, tablet or voice, when used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home functions . In addition, the switch can be set to work when other Nedis SmartLife products are switched on or off , so the curtains can be drawn automatically when a light is switched on, for example. The application allows you to intuitively set the time schedules of the curtains and thus also serves as a great security feature when you are away from home for a while. The switch with its elegance and easy-to-clean glass frontit fits perfectly into your interior, and a gentle orientation light will help you find it even in the dark.


Application available for: Android, iOS

Dimensions: 125 x 105 x 50 mm

Weight: 140 g

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