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Siren, indoor, for smart home, 85dB, with LED beacon, Wi-Fi, micro USB, white.

Nedis WIFISI10CWT Smart siren suitable especially as an extension of the doorbell or as a sound signal for a motion sensor. There are eight different sounds to choose from that can be assigned to individual... morin the Nedis SmartLife app.



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A smart siren particularly suitable as an extension of a doorbell or as a sound signal for a motion sensor. There are eight different sounds to choose from , which can be assigned to individual sensors or to the time of day, for example, in the Nedis SmartLife application. For these purposes, the siren has a wireless Wi-Fi connection . In addition to the sound with a power of 85 dB , the light accompaniment in the form of flashing LEDs will also please you . The power supply is realized through the micro USB port.

The package includes a USB cable, power adapter and materials needed for installation.


Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 30 mm

Connection: Wi-Fi

Cable length: 120 cm

Power supply: micro USB

Color: white

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